How to Make Your Cats Drink Water?

People often think of cats as animals that don't like to drink water. I will show you how to get your cats to drink water. I have four water dishes that I pour water in each day for my cats. I always fill it up with refreshing and cold Arrowhead water. The water should be cold enough to be cool but not ice cold or too cold. It is important that cats have clean and fresh tasting water everyday. I also give the cats dry food to make them thirsty so that they will drink. My cat was once at the waterbowl for five minutes because she was so thirsty from the dry food. It is important that you give cats wet/canned food too because that is good for their health. If your cats don't want to drink plain unflavored water then you should go to your local pet store such as Petco to see if they have any special tuna flavored water available.

Try tis :

  • Feed your cats dry food to motivate them to drink.

  • Have five to seven bowls of clean,fresh, and cold water available


  • Sprinkle some tuna juice from a can of cat fod into the water to motivate them to drink


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