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Pengakuan Pengguna

Asalnya saya ni kucing pungut jer..
Bulu saya slalu gugur & hmm... kaler perang2 la...
Mama ckp bulu saya ROSAK & X Cantik..
Lepas tu mama saya kasi saya makan PROFORMANCE sejak bulan Ogos.. 

Cantik tak Bulu saya ?

Fabulouse Pets Haus @Puchong Utama

Watching Animal Planet

Watching Animal Planet b4 sleep and get xcited...

Fabulous Pets Haus @Puchong Utama

New FURRKIDS in da house...

Blascho (DSH-F, tabby marble) X Yonaldinho (DLH-M,Nwagion forest mix)
1 month old
3 colour mixed

Fabulouse Pets Haus @Puchong Utama

One Day about CHOT.....

   One day, we received a very nice cat (like whiskes cat- silver tabby) ~ CHOT..
Actually, He's outdoor cat... Loved to jumping and climbing at his neighbourhood... We gave him a good companion...but what he did is, sneaking out from his cage by pull out the lock by himself (sooo good) and climbing up to the ceiling... Sigh... We told the owner that he's missing but what's our promised is - try to find him back... 1st step - baiting him using wet food , we put near to the main window near to the ceiling... Nah... what we found on tomorrow morning? All gone.. mean he's there and he poo poo near to the window path too...  (two times :)) 
   Mr. Sab came with one idea... we buy 1 big mouse trap, like the fox trap -( i think... hehehehhe...) we put it under the window path and fish as the bait.... Ahaaaa... We got him.... 
So notty2... this boy.... (can make us - HEART ATTACK maaa)

 The Mighty Fox Trap

Fabulouse Pets Haus @Puchong Utama 

Crazee Moment 1

Bellatrix - panther logo :)

KD (Kiah Dompok) New Gurl In Town

Pak Aji - Lepak king

Nyummm... Nyumm... - I can't stand anymore..... ~ Pak Aji

Sneaking from door... Watacha.. ~ KD

Scaling mself ? ~ NoMint 

 4 and half? yeayyy ~ NoMint

My Turn babeh.... ~ 5 okay...wooohuuu ~ Pak Aji 
Wah... There's Lot more Mummy? I want... I want.. ~ Pak Aji

                                                       Rolling In The Deep?  ~ Zorro

Itchy... Itchy... Ngehhh... Mummy help me?... ~ Zorro

Fabulouse Pets Haus @Puchong Utama 

Our New Coolest FREE ZONE...

Fabulouse Pets Haus @Puchong Utama